The WaveSkate Monster™


The WaveSkate Monster™ is designed for a fun skate experience on land and rad surfing in the water. If you like to have fun then the WaveSkate Monster™ will be your single board that conquers both land and sea!

Surfing, body boarding, skim boarding, wake boarding—The WaveSkate Monster™ is perfect for all these water sports.

And when you’re done in the water, come ashore, swap out the twin fins for our patented truck system and it’s time for bombing hills, slashing coping in the bowl, cruising the sidewalks in style, or simply grabbing the rail to do some drawn out turns in the driveway.

The WaveSkate Monster™ is for the groms who love to play hard. Unfamiliar with the term grom? Check it out via your favorite search engine. Waves and skating equal fun for any grom!

“Wait,” you say, “I don’t exactly live near an ocean.” No worries. Bring the WaveSkate Monster™ to your local lake, river or pool and get creative. Yes, it floats just like a surfboard.

The WaveSkate Monster™ is now available to PRE-ORDER and will ship April 2017. Pre-order today and receive a FREE WaveSkate™ T-Shirt and Sticker Pack! We’ll send your free swag immediately to keep you stoked until your board arrives.

  • Board Specs: 43.8 in (length) x 18.3 in (width) x 2.2 in (thickness)
  • Durable soft top construction for deck top and rails
  • Removable FCS twin fin setup
  • Hand removable truck system
  • Graphics: Monsters with WaveSkate™ logo (other options coming soon)
  • Wheel Specs: 59 mm (diameter)