The WaveSkate™ Story

In a different time and another dimension, the Universe is populated by advanced societies of otherworldly beings made up of two major groups, the Monsters and the Aliens. The history of the Monsters and the Aliens is one of conflict across millennia, and many beings have died in the endless wars. Then one day, an unlikely pair of heroes appeared, carrying objects holding great magic.

Professional surfer Matt Meola and professional skater Yancey Meyer clutched their WaveSkate boards to their chests as they found themselves on the beach in the middle of a fight between the two groups. But Matt and Yancey realized they were in no danger, because the Monsters and Aliens put down their sinister weapons in favor of admiring the WaveSkate, which Matt and Yancey skillfully demonstrated for the fearsome creatures.

To Matt and Yancey’s surprise, the WaveSkate became the mechanism for peace between the two groups, as both sides were too caught up in the fun of catching waves and cruising the concrete to think about fighting. Instead, the new war between the groups was finding the coolest new locations to use the WaveSkate. Matt and Yancey were quickly adopted by the leaders of each group and swept away on separate quests to find the best locations in the universe to ride the WaveSkate.

Team Matt and Team Yancey are out there, on the hunt for the best locations to rip the WaveSkate—and they want your help! Join a team and help your favorites prevail!